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During their stay, our visitors will be able to get to see the different corners of the island. These may be discovered on foot, by boat, or by kayak, sailing close to the coast in order increase the wildlife observation possibilities. Those who visit San Alonso are able to get to know CLT’s work, its successes and its failures, and all the steps it has taken and continues to take in order to sustain all of its wildlife reintroduction projects. In addition, our guests will be able to hear the unique story each project tells and that never fails to involve a large social component regarding local development. It’s important to note that the daily activities are planned according to the opportunities available depending on the time of year, weather, and the biologist’s availability.


Walking tours allow you to study footprints that indicate the presence of different species. The trails leave the mountain where the house is located and cross the coast of the estuary to the next mountain, usually returning through the pasture. The chances of sighting, deer, anteaters, foxes, peccaries are high. Other trails and roads reach the CECY where you can learn more about the yaguareté reintroduction project.

Horseback riding

Visitors have access to tame, calm horses who are very familiar with the wetlands. This ensures great possibilities for wildlife observation, since being on horseback means being able to traverse areas of tall grass, something that would be uncomfortable to do on foot. The experience may seem ordinary… that is, until a giant ant eater walks past you! Different trails are available across several areas combining coast, grasslands and forest.

Bird watching

San Alonso offers a unique opportunity to see such rare species as the collar epapa, Dominican nun and chopi, as well as a great variety of pastial, forest and wetland birds.

Kayak (Sit on Top)

Sailing across the coast of the Paraná Lagoon allows for a wonderful -and different- perspective from which to observe the area and the wildlife that roams it. The water’s transparency can be thoroughly enjoyed, and due to its tranquility, the aquatic plants can be easily observed. On a calm day, the Carambola Stream may be reached.

Cultural visits

In the nearby town of San Miguel you can organize activities with the locals learning about their traditional way of life and observe their crafts.

Sunset in the Estero

The sunsets in the Paraná Lagoon are special. It allows to appreciate intense orange and lilac and a warm light of charm.

Proyect Rewilding

San Alonso is part of the Iberá project. Through talks and videos with biologists and technicians it is possible to know the history of the reintroduction project that takes place here.