¡Welcome to Hostería San Alonso!

You will find inspiration with special interest in knowing and learning about conservation projects

San Alonso is an island at the heart of the Iberá Wetlands which extends for about 10.000 hectares. It is comprised mainly by wide-ranging grasslands interrupted by “mogotes” (small residual hills peppered with trees) and small islets which emerge at the coast of the Paraná Lagoon. This island possesses the first ranch that Douglas and Kristine Tompkins ever visited in the area and where the ambitious rewilding project was born. As part of this project, guests today are able to observe how the giant anteater, collared peccaries, pampas deer, among other species native to Iberá’s ecosystem, roam free.

In addition, here operates the Jaguar Experimental Breeding Center (CECY), home to the first five jaguars brought here from different zoos around Latin America, and where, in 2018, the first two jaguar offspring were born after more than 50 years of being extinct in the area. The goal is for these and all future cubs to be set free so that the ecosystem can once again count with its top predator and in that way, return to its naturally regulated balance. Guests should keep in mind that access to the CECY can’t be guaranteed since it will depend on the work being conducted at the time and the jaguar’s locations within the large pens, since they may be out of sight.

All in all, San Alonso offers an exclusive opportunity reserved for those who have a strong interest in getting to experience a conservation project, sharing their stay with the resident biologists, and helping the cause with their visit. Minimum stay: two nights. Access to the island may be by air or by water.


San Alonso is a 10,000-hectare hill that functions as a true island in the heart of Parque Iberá